Unique Reflections of Leading Thinkers

Ideas Roadshow creates unique reflections of leading thinkers through the medium of filmed conversations. We produce a  spectrum of uniquely-engaging videos, MP3's and eBooks derived from in-depth conversations between host and CEO Howard Burton and a wide variety of researchers at the front lines of research. For an overview of the  100+ researchers who have participated in our conversations please click on the Guest List underneath the subject list. For background stories of what it's like to be behind the camera follow our blog called In Search of Refinement: Reflections of an Ideas Prospector.

We offer individual subscriptions to our quickly expanding database of 500+ videos, accompanying eBooks and MP3's.  For information about institutional subscriptions to our Academic Portal, School Portal and Public Library Portal, please contact irena@ideasroadshow.com.

Featured Videos  

Check out a selection of clips from our in-depth conversations with David Bellos, Nita Farahany, Teo Ruiz, Emilie Hafner-Burton, Ian Stewart, and more to find out what makes our content unique and seriously entertaining.

Enjoy a collection of uniquely candid insights of some of today's top physicists, including Freeman Dyson, Nima Arkani-Hamed, Roger Penrose, Jenny Nelson, Artur Ekert, Paul Steinhardt, and more.