This week's two featured videos below are focused on Duke legal scholar Nita Farahany, whose work lies at the intersection of law and neuroscience.   For more videos with Nita, click on her name on the guest list underneath the categories.  Meanwhile, our weekly blog, In Search of Refinement: Reflections of an Ideas Prospector, highlights Nita's work in the recently released post, Neurorelevance.  An audio version of our full conversation with Nita is available on iTunes, while our eBook with Nita, Neurolaw, can be found, as always, on Amazon. 

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Featured Videos  

Nita Farahany (Duke University) describes her process of using modern developments in neuroscience as a lens to better examine the purpose of the original law.

Nita Farahany (Duke University) gives an example of a criminal defense revolving around neuroscientific evidence, and specifies when defense counsel might introduce such evidence.