Unique Reflections of Leading Thinkers

Ideas Roadshow creates unique reflections of leading thinkers through the medium of filmed conversations, culminating in an integrated platform of over 650 uniquely-engaging, professionally-produced videos in short, medium and long format plus additional innovative resources. 

This is our general public site, where independent learners can procure individual subscriptions to discover the fascinating worlds of front-line research that is often otherwise inaccessible to them. Ideas Roadshow also offers three distinct portals for universities, schools and public libraries (Academic Portal, High School Portal and Public Library Portal) complete with a wealth of additional, specially-targeted resources and teaching modules for learning and discovery. For more information on how your institution can participate, please use our Contact Form.

Featured Videos  

Maria Mavroudi (UC Berkeley) illustrates her central motivation for studying history.  

Renowned theoretical physicist Roger Penrose (Oxford) relates his longstanding bemusement at why the early universe was in such a peculiar low state of entropy.