Our many Ideas Roadshow conversations have convinced us that top-level international scholars are, on the whole, a drastically underused resource, as most are very willing to freely offer their views on a wide number of issues so long as they are convinced that the knowledge they provide will not be distorted to support some agenda. This insight, combined with a detailed appreciation of the impact of rapid advances in camera and editing technology, leads to unprecedented opportunities for the creation of a wide range of uniquely engaging, professional-quality, ideas-driven films.

While we are keen to make many films across a wide range of different topics, the common denominator linking all Ideas Roadshow film projects is a determination to consistently use the power of film to faithfully portray the range of expert perspectives on the topic at hand rather than convince the viewer of any particular position.  By calling our films “explorations” rather than documentaries, we highlight our determination to objectively investigate intriguing ideas from a number of different perspectives in order to build a uniquely comprehensive and compelling picture of the key issues involved.

All Ideas Roadshow films will be available through a new Ideas Roadshow app and several distributors, including Kanopy and ProQuest’s Academic Video Online.

Explorations in Production

We’re currently in production of Pandemic Perspectives: An Exploration, offering a critical examination of several key societal issues illuminated by the COVID-19 pandemic through the prism of a wide array of international experts in immunology, biomedics, medicine, evolutionary biology, psychology, neuroscience, history of science, education, economics, and more.

We will be publishing a complementary series of essays by Howard Burton, Pandemic Perspectives: A Filmmaker’s Journey, providing a personal, behind-the-scenes glimpse of the issues involved, together with an extensive series of detailed Pandemic Perspectives Podcasts featuring many of the film’s participants.

Expected release: February 2022 Visit this page for further details.

Upcoming Explorations

The Incompleteness Theorems: An Exploration: There is no doubt that Kurt Gödel’s groundbreaking incompleteness theorems have revolutionized our understanding of the philosophical foundations of mathematics, but what, exactly, do they mean? What implications do they have, if any, for mathematics, physics, biology, philosophy or any other discipline? This film aims to shed some valuable light on those very questions.

Expected release: Spring 2022

An Exploration of Chess: a detailed examination of the past, present and future of chess, highlighting various chess variants currently being played throughout the world in an attempt to address the question of what “chess” is and what makes it special. Further topics include the strong cultural role that chess has played and its societal impact throughout history plus the connections between chess and the human mind and AI.