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Ideas Roadshow is an award-winning producer/creator of different pedagogical databases. More than 100 world-leading researchers (including 3 Nobel Laureates) have participated and we continue to travel around the world to capture behind-the-scenes insights into the fascinating world of research and scholarship across the arts and sciences. 


Ideas Roadshow was the recipient of The London Book Fair International Excellence Award for Ideas Roadshow's Academic Portal, High School Portal and Public Library Portal.

The judges specifically expressed their enthusiasm for how Ideas Roadshow has made cutting-edge research concepts accessible to a broad range of learners and educators with different needs - high school students, university students and members of the general public - through a careful, high-quality editing process and the production of a spectrum of innovative, engaging formats.                  



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Featured Videos  

David Armitage (Harvard) describes the importance of looking at a conflict from a variety of different perspectives. 

Paul Steinhardt (Princeton) describes how his early investigations into amorphous metals revealed a surprising icosahedral symmetry which led him on the road towards quasicrystals.