Books by Howard Burton

Howard has written five non-fiction books from a first-person perspective:

  • Pandemic Perspectives: A filmmaker’s journey in 10 essays: an engagingly candid collection of essays that chart Howard’s personal quest to find out what we’ve learned from the pandemic through the process of producing the documentary film, Pandemic Perspectives;
  • Exceptionally Upsetting: How Americans are increasingly confusing knowledge with opinion & what can be done about it: a critical examination of many standard myths that many Americans unthinkingly cling to combined with a personal analysis of America’s debilitating culture war and how it might be transcended;
  • Burning Down UNESCO: A guide to innovative fundraising: a clear-eyed analysis of how international organizations might be improved through examining one of the most notoriously ineffectual examples;
  • Letters From Languedoc: an epistolary memoir of what it’s really like to move to the “real” South of France;
  • First Principles: Building Perimeter Institute:  a vivid and detailed account of Howard’s experiences of building a pioneering, new theoretical physics institute entirely from scratch.

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