The Story of Chess

For the last 1500 years, the game of chess has been at the cultural forefront of a startling number of different societies, consistently enthralling millions of players while simultaneously influencing literary styles, community values and scientific development.

Explicitly geared to a general audience, the upcoming 4-part documentary series, The Story of Chess, is devoted to a comprehensive investigation of the huge impact of this remarkable game throughout its long, and ongoing, evolution.

A brief synopsis of each episode is provided below: 

Part 1: The historical importance of games, what makes chess special, different types of chess played over time and around the world.

Part 2: The socio-cultural impact of chess from 600–1500: from ancient India to Sasanian Persia to the Golden Age of Islam to medieval Europe.

Part 3: The socio-cultural impact of chess from 1500-present: from the birth of the modern game to the Café de la Régence to Fischer-Spassky to AlphaZero.

Part 4: Contemporary applications of chess to education, behavioral economics, computer science, prison reform and social inequality; what chess today reveals about current attitudes to gender, technology, sports, entertainment and the nature of play. 

Expected release: Fall 2022

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