Ideas Roadshow Docufilms

While we are keen to produce many documentary films across a wide range of topics, the common denominator linking all Ideas Roadshow film projects is a determination to consistently use the power of film to objectively investigate intriguing ideas from a number of different perspectives in order to build a uniquely comprehensive and compelling picture of the key issues involved.

All Ideas Roadshow films will be available through the new Ideas Roadshow app (Apple and Android). For details about additional distribution please use the contact form.

Now In Production

THE STORY OF CHESS: A 4-part docuseries providing a detailed exploration of the history and sociocultural significance of chess across a wide range of times and places touching on cultural history, the nature of competitiveness, AI, chess variants, and much more in an attempt to comprehensively address the question of what makes the game so unique. Visit the related film page for more details.

Recently Released

A thoughtful examination of a spectrum of key societal issues illuminated by the COVID-19 pandemic through the prism of a wide array of international experts. Visit the related Film page for more details.

Upcoming Docufilms

NOTABLE LIVES: we’ve started the production of an extensive series of films telling a visual story about the lives and accomplishments of leading artists from The Renaissance, including Raphael, Botticelli, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Vasari.

THE INCOMPLETENESS THEOREMS : There is no doubt that Kurt Gödel’s groundbreaking incompleteness theorems have revolutionized our understanding of the foundations of mathematics, but what, exactly, do they mean? What implications do they have, if any, for mathematics, physics, philosophy or any other discipline? This film aims to shed valuable light on those very questions.

Together with dark energy, understanding the precise nature of dark matter is widely viewed as one of the major challenges of contemporary cosmology.  This film will explore why most physicists are convinced that dark matter must exist, our current attempts to detect it and the range of expert speculations on what we will eventually discover.

DARK ENERGY, AN EXPLORATION: Our second cinematic foray into cosmology tackles the parallel mystery of dark energy, investigating what we mean by “dark energy” and why so many scientists are troubled by it, contemporary experiments to probe our understanding of it and different expert perspectives on what it all means.