Antonio Panaino

Zoroastrianism is an in-depth conversation with University of Bologna Iranian specialist Antonio Panaino about Zoroastrianism: What is it? How was it influenced by, and in turn influences, other religious and cultural traditions? And what did it mean for the people of ancient Iran?

Release date on the Ideas Roadshow Podcast Channel at the New Books Network: August 25, 2021

This was a new experience for me. Howard gave me the opportunity to focus on a large number of difficult topics in a very fitting, but at the same time, nice and attractive way. I think that people interested in Zoroastrian matters (and Zoroastrian people as well) can now find a presentation of many aspects of the Mazdean religion, at least as I have tried to interpret and study it. The discussion we developed, has focused on so many subjects that, when we finished, I was astonished.

“I am convinced that this kind of experience can offer a living memory of the research I am developing in these years and this instrument will be an additional support in a period in which the pandemic is limiting our mobility.

Ideas Roadshow is a really serious, although not strictly academic, means of communication and dissemination of ideas and studies, that can be easily accessed. A very good aspect of our times.” — Antonio Panaino