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I. Books
II. Videos
III. Video databases for academic libraries, public libraries, high schools and IB schools
IV. Endorsements/reviews
V. Library Distributors
VI. Library Partnerships

I. Expert Book Series

The Ideas Roadshow Conversations series includes 100 carefully-edited, enhanced books developed from in-depth conversations with world-leading experts across the arts and sciences, including 3 Nobel Laureates. The Ideas Roadshow Collections series (20 books) are five-part books, each one focussed on a particular discipline – the connections between the books in each collection are highlighted in a detailed preface. Presented in an accessible, engaging conversational format, these books not only explore cutting-edge academic research, but also reveal the inspirations and personal journeys behind the research which make for a particularly thoughtful combination.

Each book includes a detailed introduction, questions for discussion at the end of each chapter and interdisciplinary connections between the books in the series are highlighted. Subject areas covered are: Anthropology & Sociology, Biology, History, Language & Culture/Asian Studies, Law, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Physics, Politics, Psychology, Religion, The Environment.

All books are available in digital format through the following distribution partners:

The Ideas Roadshow Collections series is also available in paperback format via Ingram and Baker & Taylor.

Below you can download a catalogue for libraries with all titles and related ISBNs.

II. Videos

We’ve developed more than 1,000 videos in different formats—short curated clips, documentary-style compilations, and one-hour videos— from our filmed conversations with leading experts. In addition, to Ideas Roadshow’s award-winning video databases (see below), libraries can make a wide range of Ideas Roadshow videos available to their members through Kanopy. Visit the Ideas Roadshow channel on Kanopy by clicking here.

Stay tuned about our recent partnership with Odilo for more Ideas Roadshow videos that you can make available through your library.

III. Award-winning video databases

Ideas Roadshow offers 4 separate video databases:
1. Ideas Roadshow’s Academic Portal;
2. Ideas Roadshow’s Public Library Portal;
3. Ideas Roadshow’s High School Portal;
4. Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal (our most recent databased which has been tailor-made for the International Baccalaureate’s Diploma Program, visit our separate IB website for further details).

All databases offer a wide range of high-quality video resources and—for academic libraries and schools—pedagogical video modules providing unique insights into the motivations and research of 100+ world-leading experts, including 3 Nobel Laureates, across the arts, sciences, sports and games. All Ideas Roadshow resources have been developed from in-depth filmed conversations between Howard Burton (see the About page) and a broad selection of the world’s top experts discussing their research, motivations, challenges, and excitement. All resources have been carefully curated to make them accessible and engaging for different audiences.

There is a separate page – HERE – on this website called Award-Winning Databases where you can see what the different platforms look like.

Brief expert clips focussed on key research aspects
Documentary-style compilation videos: different expert perspectives on a single theme or topic
One-hour videos broken into chapters with a preview video & summary video

Videos in different lengths. The videos come in three lengths: 2-5 minute clips providing brief insights into key aspects of each expert’s research findings; 15-30 minute compilations which are documentary-style videos that present a spectrum of different expert insights around a single topic or theme. One-hour conversations which consist of a carefully-edited video broken into 5-10 minute chapters with a short voice-over introduction with images.

Easy to navigate and explore. The databases can be searched by subject category, by expert, or by keyword through the comprehensive search function. For each video we have  selected 5 videos that are related to the subject covered as a convenient pathway to encourage further exploration and usage of our videos.

Accessibility. Library members have 24/7 access to Ideas Roadshow and there are no limits to the number of videos that they can stream. All videos are provided with closed captioning in English.

Program Guide: Ideas Roadshow’s Public Library Portal includes a detailed Program Guide with hundreds of thoughtful program ideas for engaging community or book/video clubs at your library. Each program comes with a video, summary, audience level plus 3 sample questions for discussion to get the conversation started.

IV. Endorsements/reviews

Ideas Roadshow was the recipient of The Educational Learning Resources Award at the London Book Fair International Excellence Awards in 2018 for Ideas Roadshow’s Academic Portal, Public Library Portal and High School Portal. 

The judges specifically expressed their enthusiasm for how Ideas Roadshow “makes cutting-edge research concepts accessible to a broad range of learners and educators with different needs through a careful, high-quality editing process and the production of a spectrum of innovative, engaging formats.”

Library Journal gave an excellent review of Ideas Roadshow in 2015. Below is the verdict by Harvard University Librarian Cheryl LaGuardia:

The different formats make this such an accessible product, as does the handling of the material. The guests are brilliant and expert presenters; it’s just as obvious that love and care has gone into the creation of this remarkable, reasonably-priced product. Enthusiastically recommended for public, academic, and school libraries.

V. Library Distributors

Ideas Roadshow books and videos are available through the following distributors. We will be updating this page with additional partners soon! For further information feel free to use the contact form.

VI. Library Partnerships