In-Flight Enlightenment: Ideas That Travel Well

After Ideas Roadshow was featured in The Economist, we received numerous requests from major airlines to offer our seriously-entertaining programs as “inflight enlightenment”. Since then our content has been on board with Alaska Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta, Emirates, Garuda Indonesia, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, and many more.


NOW AVAILABLE: A captivating documentary examining the fascinating history of chess and its remarkable impact on culture, art, science, sport, personal empowerment and more across the centuries up to the present day.

The viewer is taken on an exhilarating journey across a wide range of times and places touching on cultural history, the nature of competitiveness, AI, psychology, game theory, chess variants, art, literature, the concept of genius, education, mindset, social empowerment, and much more to comprehensively address the question of what makes the game so unique.

The films offer an experience of cinematic storytelling at its best with an engaging narrative and exciting visuals.

Versions: 4 x 60′ / NEW: 1 x 60′
Language: English
Captions: English, French


Seriously-entertaining films about the fascinating lives and accomplishments of leading Renaissance artists, including Raphael, Botticelli, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi and more.

These stand-alone films take viewers on an enchanting journey through spectacularly beautiful Renaissance art in a fresh and unique format. The films consist of an engaging voice-over narration with lots of images, maps, and animation without any “talking heads”.


Four Paris-related films timed to match the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games:
* The Games & Olympic Venues
* Getting Around Paris
* Exploring Museums & Galleries
* Bridges of Paris


Choose from an award-winning catalogue of fresh and unique content featuring the world’s most creative thinkers on a wide range of fascinating topics from psychology to history, from neuroscience to astronomy, from linguistics to marine biology, from sign language to violinmaking, from philosophy to coral reefs, and more. Formats: videos in different lengths, documentaries, podcasts, and electronic books. Please use the contact form to request a catalogue and screening access.


NEW: Read an insightful interview with Ideas Roadshow’s driver Irena Burton (Sept. 2023):
Given Richard Branson’s recognised love of chess and their fun and innovative approach to entertainment, they would be a perfect match for us to kick things off, and we weren’t disappointed.”

Exercise That Brain: “…Often academics, they seem to enjoy the talks as much as Mr Burton: indeed both sides evince an enthusiasm for the subject under discussion that the watcher can’t help but warm to.”

Ideas Roadshow Branches into Podcasts, Creates Documentary Tackling COVID-19 (July 2021)
“… prioritize content that informs and engages

Why Documentary Content Is In Demand Right Now (Februray 2021)
“… experience first-hand the passion, dedication and joy of those making a wide range of intriguing discoveries.

Inflight Enlightenment: Airlines Bring Enriching Entertainment On Board (2016)
“… reviving “the art of conversation,” keeping interviews natural and informal, avoiding hyped promotional speak or difficult to grasp jargonputting some food for thought on the IFE menu could prove the perfect complement.”

Flight Chic: From Popcorn to Brain Food, Airlines Enrich In-Flight Entertainment (2016)
“… adding some intellectual nutrition to the IFE menu is a smart idea.

Ideas Roadshow, digEcor take inflight conversation to new heights (2016)
… intimate, one-on-one filmed conversations between host Howard Burton and some of the most well-informed people on the planet.” 

Alternative Infotainment Makes Inflight Play for Airlines, Passengers (2015)
“… Ideas Roadshow’s unique, ideas-based content is definitely stretching the boundaries of what IFE can be in the digital age.”