Ideas Roadshow engagingly explores a diverse array of topics through the medium of candid, unscripted, in-depth conversations between Howard Burton and a wide range of passionate subject specialists, offering up a wealth of uniquely accessible content in book, video and podcast formats.

Often academics, they seem to enjoy the talks as much as Mr Burton: indeed both sides evince an enthusiasm for the subject under discussion that the watcher can’t help but warm to.

‘For anyone wanting an entry into understanding and engagement with complex ideas, Ideas Roadshow is a terrific resource. .. making their work accessible without oversimplifying or dumbing down. It is an honor to be part of the series.” –  Susan WolfEdna J. Koury Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, UNC at Chapel Hill

“Howard Burton has been able to get people who are top experts in their fields talking in a relaxed and informal way about a remarkable range of interesting and topical subjects, but is not the sort of thing usually put in print in more formal settings.”Tony Leggett, Professor of Physics, University of Illinois, Nobel Laureate in Physics