Ideas Roadshow is an award-winning multimedia initiative producing an innovative array of films, books and podcasts exploring ideas in a uniquely engaging way. From the launch of Ideas Roadshow in 2012, we’ve been motivated to use modern technology to create in-depth explorations of a wide range of fascinating ideas by highlighting a variety of expert perspectives. Visit the About section for detailed background information, a list of the more than 100 who experts have participated, and testimonials.

At this time Ideas Roadshow projects are mainly focused on producing ideas-driven films that we call “explorations” rather than documentaries to highlight our determination to objectively investigate intriguing ideas from a number of different perspectives to display a comprehensive and compelling picture of the key issues involved.

We’re currently in production of Pandemic Perspectives: An Exploration, offering a critical examination of several key societal issues illuminated by the COVID-19 pandemic through the eyes of a wide array of international experts. Scheduled for release in February 2022, the film will be available on our the Ideas Roadshow app as well as through our distribution partners.

We will be publishing a complementary series of essays by academic filmmaker Howard Burton, Pandemic Perspectives: A Filmmaker’s Journey, providing a personal, behind-the-scenes glimpse of the issues involved, together with an extensive series of detailed Pandemic Perspectives Podcasts featuring many of the film’s participants.