Armand D’Angour

Reimagining The Classical World is a wide-ranging conversation with University of Oxford classicist and musician Armand D’Angour about the challenges of reconstructing ancient Greek music, what the young Socrates might have been like and how we might reliably comprehend what life in Periclean Athens was really like.

Release date on the Ideas Roadshow Podcast Channel at the New Books Network: August 18, 2021

I was enormously impressed by the intimate knowledge of my research that Howard showed in our discussion, and the highly pertinent and often challenging inquiry to which he subjected my ideas. It is an academic’s dream for their work to be well understood and appreciated even by non-specialists, and to be subjected to searching but sympathetic criticism. Scholarship progresses through such dialectical engagement, and it’s a true pleasure to be given the opportunity to discuss scholarly ideas in depth with an acute and assured interlocutor as Howard is.” — Armand D’Angour