Carol Dweck

Mindsets: Growing Your Brain is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and renowned psychologist Carol Dweck, Stanford University. This conversation provides behind-the-scenes, detailed insights into the development of Carol’s important work on growth mindsets and fixed mindsets: how different ways of thinking influence learning ability and success.

This carefully-edited book includes an introduction, Justified Applause, and questions for discussion at the end of each chapter:

  1. Fixed Beginnings – Mrs. Wilson’s legacy
  2. Confronted by Young Wisdom – Encountering growth-minded 10-year-olds
  3. The Genius Defense – All pain, no gain
  4. Good and Bad Praise – Embracing the process
  5. Getting Personal – Popular writing, John McEnroe, and enforcing standards
  6. Brainsets – Neuroplasticity and intelligence
  7. Gender Differences – Male and female mindsets
  8. Getting the Message Out – Inspiration and misinterpretation
  9. Practical Tips – Beneficial struggling and the power of “yet”
  10. Diversity and Universality – French, Americans and common ground
  11. New Horizons – From school bullying to Middle East politics
  12. The Big Picture – Growing the human condition

Available in electronic format on all major booksellers, including:

Mindsets: Growing Your Brain is also part of the five-part Ideas Roadshow Collection, Conversations About Social Psychology, which is available in both paperback and electronic format.

We’ve created a one-hour video of our extensive conversation with Carol Dweck which is available on Vimeo On Demand: