Ester Salgarella

From Linear A to Linear B: Suggestive Continuity is a wide-ranging conversation with Ester Salgarella, Junior Research Fellow at St John’s College, University of Cambridge, about her groundbreaking work on the intriguing relationship between Linear A and Linear B and its consequent sociohistorical implications.  

Release date on the Ideas Roadshow Podcast Channel: December 29, 2021

It was absolutely delightful to entertain a genuinely stimulating conversation with such a welcoming host as Howard Burton, whose brilliant and sharp observations could not stop surprising me for their intellectual depth (with a pinch of good humour!). Academic topics whose accurate understanding may seem to only fall within the realm of specialists receive a new light thanks to Howard’s illustrative explanations and inquisitive questions. His podcast series is definitely one to look up to for anybody wishing to enrich and expand their intellectual horizons through an engaging and thought-provoking intellectual journey into thus far uncharted lands in what is – without doubt – a very friendly and inspiring atmosphere.”