EXCEPTIONALLY UPSETTING: How Americans are increasingly confusing knowledge with opinion & what can be done about it

As American society becomes more polarized by the day, the question of how this “exceptional nation” can hope to regain its mojo is more pressing than ever before.

With his unique blend of wry humor and clear-headed analysis, Howard Burton, creator and host of the award-winning Ideas Roadshow, wades into America’s partisan fray, weaving together historical investigation, pop culture and a passionate belief in the country’s true strengths in order to develop a concrete way out of the current culture war.

Thrilling, unsettling, but ultimately hopeful and redemptive. Both an urgent and vital call to arms and a practical manual for front-line troops in the battle for kindness, significance, and downright survival.”
Charles Foster, Fellow of Green Templeton College, University of Oxford & author of the New York Times Bestseller Being a Beast

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