Juha Kaakinen

Homelessness: A Solvable Problem is a wide-ranging conversation with Juha Kaakinen, CEO of Y-Foundation, a global leader in implementing the “Housing First principle” and a clear example of how genuine progress can be made in concretely addressing homelessness.

Release date on the Ideas Roadshow Podcast Channel at the New Books Network: September 8, 2021

The discussion with Howard was for me a unique experience. I’ve always regarded myself as a person of few words, particularly in English, which is not my native language. But somehow Howard managed to lure out of me not only views on homelessness but also some quite personal reflections. This is probably the most intimate podcast I’ve ever taken part in. Howard’s breath of knowledge on the subject matter and its ethical implications is impressive and it challenges also the visitor into more profound discussion. This is the way to build a real dialogue. I’m grateful for this opportunity and I totally enjoyed it.” — Juha Kaakinen