Ideas Roadshow Collections

We’ve developed 20 separate Ideas Roadshow Collections in both eBook and print format. Each collection includes five individual Ideas Roadshow books plus a detailed preface highlighting the connections between the individual books.

Click on any of the images below to find out details about the Collections and where you can purchase them. Librarians are invited to visit the Libraries page for further details.

Conversations About Anthropology & Sociology featuring Joseph Curtin, Fred Gitelman, Mark Maslin, Ian Stewart and Frans de Waal.

Conversations About Astrophysics & Cosmology featuring Roger Penrose, Paul Steinhardt, Scott Tremaine, Justin Khoury and Rocky Kolb.

Conversations About Biology featuring Jay Gargus, Nick Lane, Alcino Silva, Stephen Scherer and Matthew Walker.

Conversations About History, Volume 1, featuring David Cannadine, Michael Gordin, Margaret Jacob, Teofilo Ruiz, and Andrew Wallace-Hadrill.

Conversations About History, Volume 2, featuring Linda Colley, John Elliott, Richard Janko, Maria Mavroudi and Jay Rubenstein.

Conversations About History, Volume 3, featuring David Armitage, Karl Gerth, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Margaret MacMillan and Matthew Stewart.

Conversations About Language & Culture featuring David Bellos, Michael Berry, Nick Couldry, Denis McQuail and Carol Padden.

Conversations About Law featuring Nita Farahany, Emilie Hafner-Burton, Elizabeth Loftus, Julian Roberts and Elyn Saks.

Conversations About Neuroscience featuring John Duncan, Lisa Feldman Barrett, Kalanit Grill-Spector, Jennifer Groh and Miguel Nicolelis.

Conversations About Philosophy, Volume 1, featuring James Robert Brown, Patricia Churchland, Charles Foster, Alfred Mele and Scott Soames.

Conversations About Philosophy, Volume 2, featuring Brian Epstein, Onora O’Neill, Susan James, Hasana Sharp, and Susan Wolf.

Conversations About Physics, Volume 1, featuring Nima Arkani-Hamed, Artur Ekert, Tony Leggett, David Politzer and Paul Steinhardt.

Conversations About Physics, Volume 2, featuring Freeman Dyson, Jenny Nelson, Claudia de Rham, Lee Smolin and Jill Tarter.

Conversations About Politics featuring Jacques Bertrand, Mark Bevir, John Dunn, Michael Frazer and Josiah Ober.

Conversations About Psychology, Volume 1, featuring Diana Deutsch, Chris Frith, Stephen Hinshaw, Stephen Kosslyn and Jonathan Schooler.

Conversations About Psychology, Volume 2, featuring Ellen Bialystok, Victor Ferreira, Uta Frith, Greg Hickok and Martin Monti.

Conversations About Religion featuring David J. Goldberg, Nile Green, David Hollinger, Eleanor Nesbitt and Miri Rubin.

Conversations About Social Psychology featuring Roy Baumeister, Carol Dweck, Barbara Fredrickson, Janko Tipsarevic and Philip Zimbardo.

Conversations About The Environment featuring Joanna Haigh, Andy Hoffman, Charles Sheppard and Edie Widder.

Conversations About The History of Ideas featuring Stefan Collini, Martin Jay, Darrin McMahon, Pankaj Mishra and Quentin Skinner.