It was absolutely delightful to entertain a genuinely stimulating conversation with such a welcoming host as Howard Burton, whose brilliant and sharp observations could not stop surprising me for their intellectual depth (with a pinch of good humour!). Academic topics whose accurate understanding may seem to only fall within the realm of specialists receive a new light thanks to Howard’s illustrative explanations and inquisitive questions. His podcast series is definitely one to look up to for anybody wishing to enrich and expand their intellectual horizons through an engaging and thought-provoking intellectual journey into thus far uncharted lands in what is – without doubt – a very friendly and inspiring atmosphere.” — Ester Salgarella, classicist, University of Cambridge

Talking to Howard was not only a pleasure, it helped me connect some of the dots of my own professional formation and particular interests as they inform my work. In other words, I learned things about myself from the conversation. His ability to engage an unusually wide variety of subjects with curiosity and with a sense of what’s important is extraordinary and encouraged me — and, as far as I can tell, most of his interlocutors — to the kind of frankness and unobtrusive structure that makes for interesting listening. Ideas Roadshow is a treasure.” Matthias Wivel, Curator at The National Gallery

I cannot praise Howard Burton too highly. The preparatory reading and thinking he does before conducting an interview is astonishing in its depth and extent. He asks interesting and penetrating questions that elicit from his interviewee thoughts that hadn’t surfaced before the questions were asked. He is very interviewee-friendly and has a natural talent for putting one at one’s ease. He bravely ventures beyond what one might expect to be his comfort zone. The resulting product satisfyingly exceeds one’s expectations.” —  Henry Hardy, Fellow, Wolfson College, University of Oxford

The discussion with Howard was for me a unique experience. I’ve always regarded myself as a person of few words, particularly in English, which is not my native language.  But somehow Howard managed to lure out of me not only views on homelessness but also some quite personal reflections. This is probably the most intimate conversation I’ve ever taken part in. Howard’s breath of knowledge on the subject matter and its ethical implications is impressive and it challenges also the visitor into more profound discussion. This is the way to build a real dialogue. I’m grateful for this opportunity and I totally enjoyed it.” — Juha Kaakinen, CEO Y-Foundation

It was a pleasure to work with somebody as intellectually stimulating as Howard Burton. He has a natural ability to ask the right kind of questions, and thus was able to draw out the broader themes behind my work – indeed, behind my entire lifelong engagement with music. This series is unique for the depth of the conversations Howard inspires, but also for their accessibility. It’s not easy to hit both of these marks simultaneously, but Ideas Roadshow threads the needle with great success. Robin Wallace, Professor of Musicology, Baylor University

“I am convinced that this kind of experience can offer a living memory of the research I am developing in these years and this instrument will be an additional support in a period in which the pandemic is limiting our mobility. Ideas Roadshow is a really serious, although not strictly academic, means of communication and dissemination of ideas and studies, that can be easily accessed. A very good aspect of our times.” — Antonio Panaino, Professor of Iranian Studies, University of Bologna

I was enormously impressed by the intimate knowledge of my research that Howard showed in our discussion, and the highly pertinent and often challenging inquiry to which he subjected my ideas. It is an academic’s dream for their work to be well understood and appreciated even by non-specialists, and to be subjected to searching but sympathetic criticism. Scholarship progresses through such dialectical engagement, and it’s a true pleasure to be given the opportunity to discuss scholarly ideas in depth with an acute and assured interlocutor as Howard is.” — Armand D’Angour, Professor of Classics, University of Oxford

With leading scholars in arts and sciences as your tour guide, Ideas Roadshow is an innovative portal to explore a complex world of ideas — from neuroscience to physics, from psychology to philosophy, from language to literature, and beyond. Presented in an accessible conversational format, these discussions not only explore cutting edge academic research, but often reveal the inspirations and personal journeys behind the research. Ideas Roadshow stands as a unique introduction to a rich tapestry of cultural history.’ Michael Berry, Professor of Contemporary Chinese Cultural Studies, UCLA

Ideas Roadshow is perfectly pitched for intelligent people who want a deeper understanding than the mainstream media currently provides. Howard Burton’s deep reservoir of knowledge and skill as an interviewer allow him to distill complex topics down to their essence without loss of nuance. I’ll be using the series to teach and inspire students at a variety of levels. Jennifer Groh, Professor of Neuroscience, Duke University

There is nothing quite like it that I know of. It should be of value both for contemporary takes on major issues in the social sciences and humanities and as an archive of senior scholars whose work has had substantial impact, reflecting on their major accomplishments across the course of a career. The intellectual content is very high from all I have seen – this is a wonderful resource both for student use in courses and for long term archival purposes. Josiah Ober, Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis Professor in Honor of Constantine Mitsotakis in Political Science and Classics at Stanford University

I strongly recommend this wonderful educational resource. The content is truly interdisciplinary in nature and is therefore relevant to all departments. Both students and faculty will benefit tremendously from this personal, in-depth look at the ideas of some of today’s leading thinkers.”  Alcino Silva, Professor of Neurobiology, Psychiatry, Biobehavioral Sciences and Psychology, UCLA 

Ideas Roadshow is a marvel, and is much needed at a time when intellectual life is being dumbed down. The variety and depth of programs is unsurpassed, and the quality of discussion between Howard and his guests is outstanding.”  James Robert Brown, Professor of Philosophy, University of Toronto 

Ideas Roadshow took the body of my work and made it understandable and interesting! The program will work with any student and interested reader of history. Bravo! Margaret Jacob, Distinguished Professor of History, UCLA

Howard came to the conversation with an incredible mastery of the issues, knowledge about my work, and insight for where things need to go next, so he was able to create a coherent picture of a complex body of research. The videos and books are wonderful resources for both students and the interested public.”  Ellen Bialystok, Distinguished Research Professor of Psychology, York University

Ideas Roadshow is an exciting venture which aims to make accessible to a large audience the ideas and reflections of some of today’s most creative minds. Howard Burton never imposes himself and is skilled in drawing the best out of his scintillating array of guests.”  John Elliott, Regis Professor of History Emeritus, University of Oxford

I found Howard so easy to talk to. He was obviously well-prepared and asked intelligent and penetrating questions. It was a real pleasure for me to discuss my work with him in this conversational and informal format. Elizabeth Loftus, Distinguished Professor of Social Ecology, Law & Cognitive Science, UC Irvine

I am very impressed by the quality of the video and book that Ideas Roadshow produced based on our conversation. Much effort was put into editing the text and producing a helpful introduction, while finishing with such insightful questions for discussion. It really makes for a very powerful pedagogical tool, which should get used widely.  Martin Jay, Sidney Hellman Ehrman Professor of History, UC Berkeley

“I am impressed by the range of innovative, pedagogical resources that Howard has developed from our discussion. Through Howard’s hands-on research experience and scientific knowledge he has an insider’s understanding of the potential of video to engage with research material. By combining his skills as both interviewer and editor, he has been able to create high-quality pedagogical resources that are relevant to students at all levels and the wider research community.”  Philip Zimbardo, Professor of Psychology, Stanford University

I felt that I was forced to think about things that I had not thought about before. Howard is creating unique and innovative pedagogical products for students by using the dynamic of dialogue. Darrin McMahon, Professor of History, Dartmouth College

Like many academics, I write more often for my peers than for my undergraduates. Through an impressively close reading of my work, Howard has stage-managed that shift of audience magnificently. He has that rare ability to communicate complex ideas digestibly and informally; and yet without dumbing down. I’m genuinely delighted with how Ideas Roadshow has maintained the integrity of my arguments and ideas.”  Nile Green, Professor of History and Director of the Program on Central Asia, UCLA

Howard is one of the very best interviewers with whom I’ve worked. The caliber of his mind and his preparation for discussing the specific subject matter for each of his guests shows up clearly in the quality of the final Ideas Roadshow products — the videos and books. These are great ancillary teaching resources for undergraduate or graduate courses, or just plain “brain candy” for curious minds.”  Barbara Fredrickson, Professor of Psychology, UNC Chapel Hill 

Howard has an instinct for the long line, the complex idea, the larger story, and all the complications that make it interesting. He is articulate and funny, and more importantly, he brings to his conversations a physicist’s passion for getting to the bottom of things.”  Joseph Curtin, master violinmaker and acoustician

Often academic online videos simply displace in-depth research and conceptual content for students – they watch it and that is it. Ideas Roadshow grabs the best of both worlds: the videos engage the viewer, but the books include more detail, further resources, and helpful analytical reflections from Howard Burton. It doesn’t just reflect the video; it extends it. Michael Gordin, Rosengarten Professor of Modern and Contemporary History, Princeton University

I consider this a really great, innovative series that could augment classroom education substantially by going behind the scenes with established scientists and other researchers. I will certainly be using the material with my teaching at graduate and undergraduate levels. Greg Hickok, founding Director of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience and Director for the Center of Language Science, UC Irvine

For anyone wanting an entry into understanding and engagement with complex ideas, Ideas Roadshow is a terrific resource. Howard Burton’s superb interviewing skills bring out the best in his subjects, making their work accessible without oversimplifying or dumbing down. It is an honor to be part of the series.  Susan Wolf, Edna J. Koury Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, UNC at Chapel Hill

Howard has been able to get people who are top experts in their fields talking in a relaxed and informal way about a remarkable range of scholarly subjects, but is not the sort of thing usually put in print in more formal settings. This is exactly what students really need to hear!  Anthony Leggett, Professor of Physics, University of Illinois, 2003 Nobel Laureate in Physics

I would very much like to recommend the Ideas Roadshow series, which would be ideal for some of our sophomore and senior seminars. These conversations are terrific aids to the study of a whole range of disciplines.”  Teofilo Ruiz, Distinguished Professor of History and Peter H. Reill Term Chair in European History, UCLA

Ideas Roadshow vividly captured my thoughts and ideas during what will likely be seen as the peak creative period in my career. Stephen Scherer, Director of The Centre for Applied Genomics at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

Howard does his homework and knows the right questions to ask, while knowing when to talk and when to be quiet. The result is that the ideas I have tried to get out there really are out there. If someone wants an efficient way to get my take on the issues I’ve been working on lately, I’m glad to refer her to my Ideas Roadshow conversation. David Hollinger, Preston Hotchkis Professor of History Emeritus, UC Berkeley 

Howard’s insightful questions led to a full exploration of the ideas that form the basis of my work. He truly masters the art of conversation as a tool to create an innovative multimedia product that serves as an ideal complement to standard, more formal approaches. Diana Deutsch, Professor of Psychology, UC San Diego

Howard is great with people and has a wonderful sense of humour. I have done a lot of interviews over the years, but until I sat down with him, I had no idea that such things could be so much fun. Fred Gitelman, world-champion bridge player